Needing A Lift in Life…

July 9, 2014

I have always been very blessed to have as many readers and followers as I do. Even though you may not always agree with what I write, you still take the time to read. I have started a page on Go Fund Me. I am not in trouble, my dogs not missing, and I don’t have any type of terminal cancer. Just a really shitty last 10 months with injuries, life and starting over. If you can spread the word or donate, it would be for ever appreciated.



Help Make A Donation

May 14, 2014

Hello my people. I started a donation page. If you could please take a look. Any amount helps, and if you cannot donate, if you could please pass along to a friend, I would greatly appreciate it.

Obesity is not a Disability

February 8, 2012

I am by no way racist or bias, and will equally make fun of all, but being a disabled person, there is nothing worse than hearing someone associate another person being overweight or “obese” in the same category as someone with a disability. Wanna know how big this issue is? Approximately 137,000 people in this country claim Social Security due to obesity. Which leads to 137,000 issued handicapped plates/tags, 137,000 less handicapped spots for people who ACTUALLY need them, and a whole lot of pissed off handicapped people who suffer from this. Infact you want to know how easy it is to be considered “Obese” according to ADA? “To be covered by the law you need to have a BMI (Body Mass Index) of over 400 lbs or be at least 100 pounds overweight.” Sounds pretty cool to me. Not only can I eat what I want, not work, get paid by the government, but I can also laugh at the disabled while I’m at it. Heres an Idea! Since I’m already crippled, if I get overweight, than maybe I can collect two checks, one for the disability and one for the obesity, SWEET.

Here is my rational for this. Society tells us that obesity can not be controlled and is genetic.  I say BULLSHIT! A disability truly cannot be controlled. I cannot get on a weight loss plan, go to the gym, get a tummy tuck, or any other means of losing weight, and all of a sudden POOF I can walk. Doesn’t work that way, I am crippled for life. Not even Jared at Subway can save me. So what am I truly asking for by writing about this? Nothing. I want people to know what a “True” disability is and how we are affected by the obese community in our country. It affects us much more than a parking spot. Its benefits, jobs, community, laws, social security, medical and so much more.

I’m Back!

February 8, 2012

After a very long while, I decided to get back to my roots of writing and showing the world my fucked up view on today’s world while living with a disability. A true disability. Not some fat fuck who can’t get off the couch and collects section 8 housing and social securty checks.

Stay Posted!

Discrimination In The Disabled Community

January 4, 2011

In today’s world, you would think that every type of people, person, minority, or whatever you may call it, would be treated equally. That we all share the same equal opportunity as the man or woman next to us. Unfortunately  discrimination still a major problem in our society for the disabled community. For example, maybe you work a job where you clearly outshine, out-do and out perform everyone else at your position, but management keeps you from a raise or even a performance evaluation because they state “we are re-working the system”, and it is now month number 3 and still nothing. Or maybe you are a disabled athlete who is one of the top athletes in his sport, who receives no recognition because the media would rather concentrate on National Championships of Scrabble or Spelling Bee (see ESPN).

Whatever the reason, being disabled in todays world, still very much has its downfalls, not that there are very many upsides besides good parking.  I recently was walking (rolling) down the street and two men in a truck yelled “Stupid Crippled” while driving by. Of course they didn’t have the balls to stop and say it to my face, but yes, these things are still a very big problem in our world.

In the disabled community, we don’t have groups that march on congress, or valued leaders like Martin Luther King Jr. who are willing to stand up and fight for equal rights. No, instead we are the voices who cannot be heard. We struggle in a society that gain’s.  Social Security is reduced, healthcare worsens, jobs for disabled are reduced. We are at the bottom with no way to climb up because there are only stairs.

I write this after a very frustrating day of living through it. There are only so many times a man can get knocked down before the 10 count finnally reaches 11 and there is no more energy to get up.  You are passed the point of frustation and head towards hopelessness.  The world tightens, and everything in it works against you. No raise at work, no money for healthcare and doctors, stuck in section 8 housing, and all because we have been forgotten about. All because we have no way to spread the word that we are dying a slow and painful death in which there is no cure. Simply put, we are the minorty whom society has forgotten about.

Crippled Jokes (The Best Of 2)

October 20, 2009

(1) Brandon is showing two girls around town and they come to a street crossing. Brandon presses the button and the pedestrian signal goes ‘beep-beep-beep-beep…. ‘ ‘Whats that for?’ asked one of the girls. ‘Oh that’s just to let the blind know that the lights have changed’ said Brandon. ‘My God’ she said, really shocked, “where we’re from, we don’t even let them drive!”

(2) Three disabled guys (a blind man, an amputee, and a guy in a wheelchair) are flying home, when their plane crashes in the Sahara Desert. The three disabled guys  decide they cant wait for help, so they start their way through the desert. They start to get real thirsty, so they decide to seek out water. The amputee leads the way, with the blind man pushing the guy in the wheelchair; and, eventually they find an oasis. The amputee goes into the water first, cools himself down, drinks a load of water, walks out the other side and lo and behold, he has a NEW LEG! He gets excited and encourages his friends to do the same. The blind man offers to push the guy in the wheelchair, but he gets refused because the guy in the chair wants to be Mr Independent and isists the blind man goes ahead first. So he goes into the water, cools himself down, drinks a load of water, walks out the other side and low and behold, he can SEE! Now the guy in the wheelchair’s getting really excited, starts pushing with all his might, goes into the water, cools himself down, drinks a load of water, and wheels out the other side. Low and behold, NEW TIRES!!!

(3) There once was a lady who was tired of living alone. So she put an ad in the paper which outlined her requirements. She wanted a man who (1) would treat her nicely, (2) wouldn’t run away from her, and (3) would be good in bed.

Then, one day, she heard the doorbell ring. She answered it, and there on the front porch was a man in a wheelchair who didn’t have any arms or legs.

“I’m here about the ad you put in the paper. As you can see, I have no arms so I can’t beat you, and I have no legs so I can’t run away from you.”

“Yes, but are you good in bed?”

“How do you think I rang the doorbell?”

(4) One day, three boys were walking over a bridge when they heard a guy yelling for help. It was President Bush. He was drowning, and the three boys rescued him.  He thanked them dearly and promised them whatever they wanted as a reward.
The first boy wanted $10,000, so Bush gave him the money.
The second boy wanted a Ferrari, so Bush gave the boy a Ferrari.
The third boy wanted a wheelchair , Bush said, “Why do you want one of those, son, you’re not disabled .”
The boy replied,”I will be when my dad finds out whose life I just saved.”

(5) There was a man who got into a car accident. He was soon rushed to the hospital. The left side of his body was completely paralyzed. The family asked the doctor how bad in shape he was.

The doctor said, “He was going to be all right.”

Let’s Laugh At The Disabled

August 24, 2009

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