Crippled/Disabled Jokes – 2018

Here is some of my stand up topics and material. Enjoy and I am FUCKING GLAD TO BE BACK! Expectations – I’ll be honest with yall. It’s pretty great being disabled. I mean the bar is set so low. I’m already blowing your mind just by simply putting together a full sentence. Imagine the chaos […]

Obesity is not a Disability

I am by no way racist or bias, and will equally make fun of all, but being a disabled person, there is nothing worse than hearing someone associate another person being overweight or “obese” in the same category as someone with a disability. Wanna know how big this issue is? Approximately 137,000 people in this […]

Discrimination In The Disabled Community

In today’s world, you would think that every type of people, person, minority, or whatever you may call it, would be treated equally. That we all share the same equal opportunity as the man or woman next to us. Unfortunately  discrimination still a major problem in our society for the disabled community. For example, maybe […]

Crippled Jokes (The Best Of 2)

(1) Brandon is showing two girls around town and they come to a street crossing. Brandon presses the button and the pedestrian signal goes ‘beep-beep-beep-beep…. ‘ ‘Whats that for?’ asked one of the girls. ‘Oh that’s just to let the blind know that the lights have changed’ said Brandon. ‘My God’ she said, really shocked, […]

Wheelchair Drunk Driving – The Myth

Walking while drunk is hard. Driving a vehicle while drunk is even harder. What about using a wheelchair while intoxicated? I can’t debate how hard it is to walk while drunk, compared to pushing a wheelchair while drunk, because I have never walked in my life. But I do have enough friends who have walked […]