Get Out Of The Way, Here Comes A Wheelchair!

Let me start off by setting you up with a visual and really put you in a place where you can visualize this. Your in a wheelchair and you going down a side walk that is clearly big enough to hold Rosie O’donnell and Al Roker side by side on a bad day. As you are coming up to someone walking on the opposite side of the sidewalk as you, they jump into the grass or street to avoid you. Why you may ask? Well your asking the wrong person because I am always on the receiving end of it. Let me try to get one thing out there, people in wheelchairs are very good at knowing there space and whats around them. I mean you wouldn’t jump out of the way if you were in that same scenario and the person who was in a wheelchair is walking instead. Disabled people are not out to take out peoples ankles, and drive people off of the side walk so we can hog it all to ourself, even though it does sound tempting and I know this same scenario has happened to anyone who uses a wheelchair. So people, please do me a favor and next time you want to jump out of the way for the sake of your life, don’t, because the crazy crippleds are out to get ya.


One thought on “Get Out Of The Way, Here Comes A Wheelchair!

  1. I’d rather them ridiculously jump out of my way, and I’ll say thanks as I pass. rather than when people stand in the way staring, i say ‘excuse me’, they ignore me, and then I have to yell ‘MOVE!’

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