Lazy People Parking

So you pull up to your local mall or grocery store and you are enraged because all of the handicapped parking is taken up. As you drive around for another 10 minutes hoping by some miracle you will see someone in a wheelchair going towards there car and you are going to move in ever so smoothly to capitalize on what has been a parking adventure and you don’t see someone in a wheelchair getting into there car, you don’t even see someone on crutches or a senior citizen? Instead it is some middle aged man or lady who has no trouble getting in or out of there car, but legally, they can park there because they posses handicapped plates. So what do you do in my shoes? Do you even so politely wait behind them to take the spot and let them carry on about there day? Do you smile and wave as you give them room to back out? Naaa. Instead, you pull up next to them and you make them feel as if they have committed some heinous crime that not even Hitler himself would think about committing or better yet you know that dream where your on stage in nothing but your underwear and you have everyones attention? Yea thats it, put em on the spot. And its not because you want to be a jerk or make someone upset, but it is just wrong and more than likely they do it every where they go because there is no such thing as a special occasion in this situation. And this goes for anyone who says “well I was just running in” or “but my dad is handicapped”? No, its never cool and should never be done. And I know for a fact that anyone who is handicapped has experienced this same situation ten fold. So if you do it, than don’t, because you never you, you may always get that one person that will call the tow company on you. Seen it, done it, and won’t think twice about doing it again. But than again, you were just running in right? (RUNNING)


2 thoughts on “Lazy People Parking

  1. If they don’t have the sticker, plates, or tag, park directly behind them so they can’t get out. Call a tow-truck. Refuse to move until the truck gets there. Bill them for any damages done to your vehicle.

    Another opportunity is to park directly behind them and go into the store, ignoring the fact that they are there. Now they must wait for you to come out and move so they can leave. If they call a tow truck or cops or something, they will be towed for parking in the handicapable (I hate PC terms) parking.

    Of course, what would happen in reality is your vehicle would be towed and the jerk who parked in your spot would laugh all the way home.

  2. What if they have a heart pacer and cant walk long distance??? Or staples or bolts in their hips or thighs. I don’t say anything cause you never know and how arrogant to assume their situation. You don’t have the upper hand just because you pull off cocky thoughtless moves such as call a tow truck. I hope this happens and you find out they do have a real disability when they get out of the store and the tow man arrives. The look on your face would be PRICELESS!!! DouchBAGage!!!

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