Wheelchair Sports vs. Scrabble

If you have ever been home on a weekday then you know there is nothing more on television than talk shows involving brother and sister marriages or infomercials telling you how to become an overnight millionaire. Occasionally however you may turn your channel over to the local sports channel and find two middle aged men battling it out over a grueling, fast paced, hard action, game of Scrabble. Thats right, someone who gets paid a lot of money somehow makes the decision that they would rather broadcast the spelling bee/scrabble over a game of wheelchair basketball or wheelchair rugby. I mean I know that if I were making the decisions on what to broadcast I wouldn’t think twice about playing scrabble over a boring, slow, non-intriguing, non-contact, game of wheelchair basketball. “Watch as player two grabs his scrabble piece, and wait, just when I thought he was going for the letter “F” he went for “Z”, what a move, this hectic crowd of 6 is stunned!!!!” Thats the world I hope to someday live in, oh wait, I do. So while we watch world of entertainment focus their sports highlights on nouns and verbs, please take a second to think to yourself, “who makes these decisions?” And I’ll be more than happy to answer that with, the heck if I know????


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