Larry Flynt vs. Stephen Hawkings vs. Christopher Reeves (CRIPPLED FIGHT)

This would be the crippled fight of all crippled fights. Who do you think would win out of Larry Flynt, Stephen Hawkings and Christopher Reeves? I would have to put my money on Christopher Reeves, only because I don’t think that Flynt or Hawkings would be smart enough to bring kryptonite to the fight. Who would you pick???

Our Contenders
Our Contenders

3 thoughts on “Larry Flynt vs. Stephen Hawkings vs. Christopher Reeves (CRIPPLED FIGHT)

  1. Stephen Hawking would probably use physics to manufacture it out of thin air. Of course you would have to cry foul the minute supetrrman whipped out his trach and flew off into the sunset.
    Love your humor and jokes.We people with disabi;lities are often to uptight. Can you say anal retentive?

  2. Larry Flynt is the only one with power in this one. He is always followed by a mob of 50 girls. I guess Larry’s power would have some real leg work with him and if Reeves was even Superman, he would be helpless against Larry’s porn models as he was in the comics or movies.

    Funny thing is, is that all three probably all know martial arts in real life lol. Stephan Hawking will keep score.


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