Wheelchair Drunk Driving – The Myth

Walking while drunk is hard. Driving a vehicle while drunk is even harder. What about using a wheelchair while intoxicated? I can’t debate how hard it is to walk while drunk, compared to pushing a wheelchair while drunk, because I have never walked in my life. But I do have enough friends who have walked while drunk, and I’ll say that it doesn’t look easy and is probably the reason you assholes are always falling down. But is it illegal to operate a wheelchair while being over the legal limit?

On June 23, 2008 a man in Austrailia was charged with a DUI while falling asleep in his motor wheelchair. And in June 2007 a canadian man was also given a DUI for driving his motor wheelchair from his local pub to his Mum’s house. But has there ever been a case in the United States where a disabled person was sentenced or fined with a DUI with there wheelchair?  According to United States laws “Any person who operates a  wheelchair can be issued a drunk driving ticket and a wheelchair is considered a vehicle in most of the United States.”

I have used and will continue to use a wheelchair for the rest of my life, and think this is complete and utter bullshit. People who drink and drive are given the choice to drive there cars. People who use wheelchairs are not given a choice to get from point A to point B and 100% rely on there wheelchairs as a source of mobility, and because of that we are not allowed to walk (wheel) home drunk like every other drunk person in America? Fuck that! I will not only continue to drive my wheelchair drunk, I will piss on every street corner and puke on every curb while doing so!


3 thoughts on “Wheelchair Drunk Driving – The Myth

  1. I have actually been stopped by the police where I live driving my wheelchair home drunk. It happened last year after a birthday party I had gone to. Thankfully, the cop just told me to be careful and I was on my way. Trust me, I was clearly and very visibly drunk.

  2. i asked my local cop in my hood and he laughed——-said as long as i was not all over road—–sarasota county

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