Discrimination In The Disabled Community

In today’s world, you would think that every type of people, person, minority, or whatever you may call it, would be treated equally. That we all share the same equal opportunity as the man or woman next to us. Unfortunately  discrimination still a major problem in our society for the disabled community. For example, maybe you work a job where you clearly outshine, out-do and out perform everyone else at your position, but management keeps you from a raise or even a performance evaluation because they state “we are re-working the system”, and it is now month number 3 and still nothing. Or maybe you are a disabled athlete who is one of the top athletes in his sport, who receives no recognition because the media would rather concentrate on National Championships of Scrabble or Spelling Bee (see ESPN).

Whatever the reason, being disabled in todays world, still very much has its downfalls, not that there are very many upsides besides good parking.  I recently was walking (rolling) down the street and two men in a truck yelled “Stupid Crippled” while driving by. Of course they didn’t have the balls to stop and say it to my face, but yes, these things are still a very big problem in our world.

In the disabled community, we don’t have groups that march on congress, or valued leaders like Martin Luther King Jr. who are willing to stand up and fight for equal rights. No, instead we are the voices who cannot be heard. We struggle in a society that gain’s.  Social Security is reduced, healthcare worsens, jobs for disabled are reduced. We are at the bottom with no way to climb up because there are only stairs.

I write this after a very frustrating day of living through it. There are only so many times a man can get knocked down before the 10 count finnally reaches 11 and there is no more energy to get up.  You are passed the point of frustation and head towards hopelessness.  The world tightens, and everything in it works against you. No raise at work, no money for healthcare and doctors, stuck in section 8 housing, and all because we have been forgotten about. All because we have no way to spread the word that we are dying a slow and painful death in which there is no cure. Simply put, we are the minorty whom society has forgotten about.


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